The Integrated Body: The Science of Connective Tissue

Learn how the evolving science of connective tissue explains what the ancient traditions knew a long time ago in this dynamic course!

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 About this Course

Fascia, or connective tissue, plays an enormous role in both emotional and physical health, and evolving studies show it is has a larger role than previously thought. Fascia is more innervated than muscle, can contract, and like a spring, it stores kinetic energy (it's how kangaroos and gazelles get their power). As we age, the stiff collagenous content of our fascia increases and the elastic substance starts to decline. It's one of the reasons movement is so important, yet a core science-based teaching model that explains what's happening inside the body is not one often seen in the United States. In this lecture, participants are introduced to the science of connective tissue based on Tim's recent studies in fascia dissection and science congresses. Students will see demonstration exercises using “intent” with a focus on connecting the myofascial meridians across the body by “pulling silk.” This lecture will also discuss how to use the power of connective tissue in bodywork for both the client and the therapist. 4 CEU (NCBTMB).

This course is for:

Everyone: general public, physical therapists, bodyworkers, yogis, martial artists, athletes, etc.

Take this Course if you:

  • Want to improve your health
  • Want to understand fascia science better
  • Want to improve movement beyond your wildest dreams
  • Want to make bodywork efficient and tension-free
  • Need or want CEUs (we hope this is not why you take this course, but you can have them). Students must pass the exam for credit, and certificates will automatically be generated and sent electronically.

Added benefits:

This course includes over 2 hours of video. Need a refresher? Come back and watch videos for one year- included.

Learning Scale:

This course is intermediate to advanced, and requires self-discipline to achieve any measurable results.


"What a wonderful contribution to movement arts and science.”
- Lena Brian, Pilates instructor

 "This is the most concise and consolidated information on this topic online. A rare gem indeed."
-Chris Guzik, Yoga instructor

"Tim is a masterful presenter. I've taken the live course as well and he really understands his material."
- Neil O'Patrick